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When should I start rejuvenating procedures?
There is individual variation when aging becomes apparent on our face and body.  It depends on our genetic makeup and lifestyle.  We have no control over inherited predispositions.  Modern science has proven the importance of healthy diet choices, regular exercise, skin care and the harmful effects of smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and sun exposure.  
Paying attention to these basic factors over which we have full control will delay the need to begin non-invasive or invasive rejuvenation procedures.  Genetically predetermined features such as bags under the eyes, hooding of the upper eyelids with sagging eyebrows, narrow lips and poor definition of angle between the chin and neck can be corrected in early adulthood when full facial development is reached, usually over the age of 20 years.
Other improvements not directly related to the appearance of aging, such as outstanding ears or a prominent nose will be discussed in future blogs.
The correction of sagging facial and neck skin, deep lines around the mouth and facial wrinkles become progressively apparent at the age of 40.  At that time various modalities of treatment are available such as skin resurfacing, Botox, injectable fillers and individually designed surgical procedures.


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